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What is the brand of the Gallery Department?

Los Angeles-based The Gallery Dept. is a fashion brand for men and women. In addition to being an artist and designer, Josue Thomas founded the company. Everything from our retail storefront to our design and production department is located in our home office. The garments we design are repurposed and reimagined according to those things that inspire us. Product development at our company is focused on maintaining quality and artistic integrity.

GALLERY DEPT. Online Shopping

An artist and fashion designer, Josue Thomas, made the first-ever debut of GALLERY DEPT in e-commerce in 2017. The platform has become one of the largest platforms for online shopping across the globe since its launch. Early in his childhood, he developed a preference for high-quality clothes.

A Vision for the Future

The vision of GALLERY DEPT is to provide premium quality clothes for winter and summer, providing a place for traders and customers to connect. Our pride is not our clothing but the support we receive from customers after they are satisfied with a product they bought. To provide the best platform for the user to purchase, we have a team of experts and professionals who work diligently and diligently every day.

Artist and designer Josue Thomas founded the Gallery Dept Hoodie as a brand that offers unisex clothing for men and women. With each new garment, Gallery Department aims to repurpose and reimagine what inspires us.

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